round up: all choked up.

Looking for a fashion pick-me-up that won’t break the bank? This season’s choker necklaces are the perfect solution.   This accessory du-jour comes in so many fantastics combinations of colors, jewels, and fabrics that it’s easy to amass a collection in no time.

Of course, the basic black choker adds a certain elegance and simplicity to every look from a v-neck t-shirt and jeans to one of this season’s statement sleeve tops.  But don’t be afraid to take your choker necklace up a notch and try one of the more embellished selections featured below.  I especially love the velvet chokers with pendants (that remind me of my love for 90210).

Make your necklace a real standout by layering a choker with one or more delicate chain necklaces in varying lengths.  Also considering trying one of the tie-around your neck chokers like the Ettika Lace Tie Choker below.

Happy styling… xx amanda brooke




Fallon Monarch Mini Surround Choker.

Caroline Constas Poplin Stripe Collar.Vita Fede Cosimo Full Collar.Andra Choker.

Frasier Sterling Braided Leather Choker.Vanessa Mooney Brooklyn Diamond Choker.


Paul Mendoza Faceted Emerald and Enamel Choker.Natalie B Jewelry La Femme Boheme Choker.Monica Sordo for Viva Aviva Bandita Velvet Choker.

Natalie B Jewelry Selita Choker.; Frasier Sterling Pom Pom Choker.H&M Lace Necklace.

Ettika Lace Tied Choker.

Combine your favorite chokers with styles similar to these:


Forever 21 Bar Pendant Necklace Set.Vita Fede Torre Crystal Necklace.Elizabeth and James Amber Necklace.